Jenna Rivera

4th May 2020

Painted Rock Paper-Weight Craft – 5/4/2020

A gorgeous painted rock paper-weight craft that kids can make for themselves or to give as a gift!

If you’ve been with us a while, you likely know how much we love crafting with rocks and stones here in my home daycare.

Well recently, we used some of our larger beach rocks to these painted paper-weights for Mother’s Day. They’re easier to make than our pour-painted paper weight rocks, so they’re perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to give asa homemade gifts .

Get crafty with your child this Mother’s Day. While your little one may not be able to create a master work of art just yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t add a special touch to the perfect gift for you or Grandma this Mother’s Day. Whether you and baby make a mess or not creating these crafts, you’ll definitely make a memory.

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Spaghetti – 4/20/2020Colored Spagetti

  • Cook the spaghetti as you regularly would. We did two boxes to make the amount you see here.
  • Drain as usual. I rinsed with cool water while it was still in the colander to keep it from sticking together.
  • Once drained and cooled, add a small (very small) amount of oil and toss.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and mix well
  • Lay spaghetti out on parchment paper to dry for about 1 hour

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Fun Learning Activities

Dissecting & Exploring Flowers

There’s something thrilling about dissecting things, for adults & children alike. Not eyeballs or sheep hearts #grade7science – I’m talking flowers, food or even cars, old electronics, toys etc. Giving children the opportunity to discover & explore through dissection is encouraging curiosity, problem solving, cause & effect, trial & error, estimations and more.

Fruit Washing

More water play fun, instilling hygiene practices with this simple fruit washing activity! We used real fruit, but you could use soapy bubbles & plastic play fruit too. Washing toys in general is always a winning Toddler activity!

Exploring Dirt

Messy? Yes! But did you know dirt & mud play builds your child’s immune system? With kids that go to daycare and week in week out have green snotty noses (eeeek!) – This is a great way to build their immune system to fight against those dreaded infections! Clarissa from Munchkins & Mom’s has some great tips on Muddy Play!

Autumn Leaf Crunch

Running through, jumping on & throwing crunchy Autumn leaves is an essential part of childhood! Who am I kidding, what adult doesn’t deliberately alter their path in order to walk on crunchy leaves? Or is that just me???

Nature Sticky Bracelets

Discover texture, colour & shapes, combining Sensory Play, fine & gross motor skills, exploration, encouraging language & more. This is one of our favourite park activities, also great for home or in the backyard too!

Flower Sensory Soup

Water Play is always a favorite with kids! Easy Sensory Play fun, practicing fine motor skills as they mix, fill & pour.

A Note from Jenna

I want to say hello to all of the great families at Mascia!! I miss all of the children and families and I know we will see each other again soon ❤️?

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