Destiny Lopez

31st Mar 2020

Hope you’re doing well friends!

Apollo and I wish everyone health and happiness during this strange time. Keep on being your best selves and the smart cookies we know you all to be!

Hello families and friends!

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe at home. Parents, I have just received all of your emails from Debbie Fine and wanted to keep in touch! If you have a preferential email please let me know. I hope we are all able to go back to school soon! Ms. Dona, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Aeisha and I all miss everyone very much! But for now, feel free to email me here as well as getting in touch with my cell: 845-346-6172.

I know it must be hard juggling the kiddos as well as working from home; it is all an adjustment so please don’t hesitate to ask for help/ideas to keep our friends entertained and engaged! We were due to begin letter U, so you all can begin working on that, for which I am attaching worksheets and letter U songs and activities we would normally learn at school. Besides this, you might also want to look around your home for things that start with the letter U, making a game of it… see who can find the most!

Also, if you need something to break up letter U, I will be attaching worksheets on shapes which is something else we have been working on.

I will also include some of our favorite songs/activities for movement on days when we are stuck inside. Dance Party!!

It is important now more than ever to remind our friends to stay clean and healthy; the reason we are all home! I have seen a brilliant science experiment, one that I wish I could have done with the kids myself, that shows the importance of washing our hands. If you haven’t seen or done it already, it is a very simple process and I know your children would get a kick out of it. That too, will be attached as well as a social narrative some of you may have gotten from Ms. Dona already.

I know this is quite a bit of content, so take it in and do what’s right for you and your family. If you need more resources please let me know!

Enjoy each other’s company and stay healthy!

Ms. Destiny

P.S. I will be sending a video of myself reading a story later on in the day! Be sure to show the kiddos!

Songs for the Letter U

Letter U songs: (Be sure to ask what U words they heard!)

ABC Song: The Letter U, “Unstoppable U” by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

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