Deborah Fine

20th May 2020

A New Take on Good Night Moon – 5/20/2020

A mother’s COVID-19 children’s book parodies go viral

Haylen enjoys the car! – 5/20/2020

I wanted to thank you for bringing the car out for Haylen to play with and for getting her bag from the classroom.

She had a great time in the car–wanted to share a few pictures.

Thanks for making her smile! Hope you continue to stay well!


Say it isn’t snow. Wilton, CT.  May 9, 2020

The Estes family came by yesterday and surprised me with some beautiful chalk drawings. Thank you! We miss you all – 4/29/2020

Easter Walk on Sherwood Island, Westport, CT – 4/15/2020

Easter Walk on Sherwood Island, Westport, CT

CHICKEN SOUP Serves at least 12


soup broth

1 whole raw chicken, the bigger the better
2 pounds carrots peeled and quartered
3 large onions, peeled – leave whole
10 celery stalks, cleaned and quartered
Fresh dill for later Optional – 3 peeled parsnips, quartered
Salt to taste, but not too much

Combine all ingredients except dill in a large stock pot
Cover ingredients with water
Bring to a boil
Cover and simmer 2 1/2 hours
Add a bunch of cleaned dill for final 20 minutes of cooking

Strain ingredientsmatzah ball soupServe with fine noodles or matzo balls or both

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