Danielle Cohen

2nd Apr 2020

Letter T – 4/2/2020

“There is a turtle on a tightrope” tuh tuh tuh sound

Trace letter and practice writing

Identify things that start with the letter T


Letter T Olive and the Rescue Crew

Learn the letter T Jack Hartmann

The Letter T song ABC mouse

Letter T Song

Draw a picture of your house and room.

Describe how you are doing and what you have been doing.

Dear parents and children of 3-2,


Hello everyone, this is Miss Danielle from Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center. Mr. Brian and I wanted to reach out to all our children to let them know we are thinking about them and we hope you are all safe and healthy. We miss your stories, we miss your smiles. We miss you and we miss our classrooms with the energy you bring.

Mr. Brian and I prepared some useful resources to help you while we are away from school. A list of children’s books that we have read to the children can be read to them on YouTube! Scroll through the list with your children and ask which ones they would like to hear or if any look familiar to them.




Free yoga and other fitness activities for everyone…free until July! Namaste!




FYI…the children enjoy doing yoga with cosmic kids yoga and also enjoy dancing to songs from Koo Koo Kangroo, both on YouTube. Our favorites include Superheroes Unite, All I Eat Is Pizza and Dinosaur Stomp. Songs from Parry Gripp include It’s Raining Tacos, Pancake Robot and Chicken Nuggets.


Here are links for lessons plans and crafts:








The attached word document is a lesson plan created by Mr. Brian that may be useful with helping your child to maintain a daily schedule similar to the one in school.

3-2 Distance Routine (97.5 KiB)


Please feel free to contact myself and Mr. Brian. We would love to hear from you! We look forward to returning back to Mascia and seeing each other!


If you’d like to grant permission to have your email shown and share pictures to this group so there could be a group chat going among myself, teachers and all parents, including both Mascia and Children’s School, please reply to this email letting me know.


Thank you so much and stay safe,

Miss Danielle



Dear parents and children of 3-2,


Thank you so much for everyone’s permission to participate in this group email. I am so happy to hear that everyone is safe and healthy. Please feel free to share any pictures or videos of the children and to reach out to each other and coordinate video chats for the children, as I am sure they miss each other! I love seeing the pictures and videos of the kids and hearing what they have been up to. I have also added Mr. Brian to this email as well since I know he would love to hear from everyone too.  Please know that Mr. Brian and I are available to all our children so don’t hesitate to contact us. I can’t wait to see everyone! Stay home! Be safe and stay healthy!


Hugs and kisses to all our kiddos!

Miss Danielle

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