Child Care Programs

Child Care Programs at EMCCC in Tarrytown, NY
The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center offers a broad range of services for families with children with programs for all ages.

New York State Office of Children & Family Services requirements regarding the required ratio of staff members to children and the maximum allowed sizes of groups are followed for all programs. All children will be supervised at all times by qualified staff members according to those same requirements.


The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center provides nutritious and age-appropriate breakfasts, lunches and snacks daily at the main center. There is no additional charge for meals and snacks at the main center. A weekly menu is posted in each classroom. Food provided by the center is peanut and sesame free. The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center participates in the New York State Department of Health Division of Nutrition: Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


Age appropriate trips and activities are scheduled throughout the year for our Preschool and School-aged children. Our curriculum includes trips to area children’s science museums, petting and traditional zoos, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, aquariums, stage shows, water parks, and swimming (school age children only). The children are outside each day, weather permitting, enjoying supervised outdoor activities such as gardening, playing on the center’s playground or taking nature walks in the center’s surrounding neighborhoods.

PreSchool/Toddler Specials

Specials are enrichment classes that occur during the school day.  We design our specials to expand the curriculum.  The specials provide a learning experience throughout all the domains of early childhood development.

Music Program

We delight in the creative and magical experiences our masterful Delores Jiji provides.  We schedule Music with Jiji twice monthly for each age group.  Songs, finger-plays, rhythm and movement are all part of the musical experience.

Nature of Things

 We schedule a nature program once monthly for our toddler and preschool groups.  This is an interactive program which introduces children to the world of animals and their habitats.


Tennis instruction is provided in conjunction with our inclusion classes through a joint partnership with HERO and the Children’s School.

Class trips

We schedule periodic trip trips for our 4’s class, which are designed to enrich their pre-K curriculum.  Past trips have included apple picking, children’s museums, Muscoot Farm, the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx Botanical Gardens.


Inclusion Program

The Inclusion Program at EMCCC consists of collaborative classrooms operated by the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center and the Children’s School for Early Development of Westchester Arc. Teachers and assistant teachers from both organizations are present in the classrooms. The Children’s School specializes in preschool education for children with developmental delays. Twelve of the Children’s School students come to the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center daily to attend preschool classrooms along with other children enrolled at the Center. The Children’s School provides various specialists, including an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and a social worker, who are available to work with the children in the classrooms.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten at John Paulding School

The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center is collaborating with the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns in universal pre-kindergarten services (UPK) at John Paulding School. EMCCC provides the instructional staff members for that program. The New York State Department of Education offers grant funding to school districts in support of UPK services. A stipulation of that grant funding is that school districts must collaborate with community early childhood education service providers in the provision of UPK services. There are six half day units of pre-kindergarten offered at John Paulding School staffed by EMCCC teachers and assistant teachers. One instructional staff member in each of those pairings is fluent in Spanish. Class size is 18 children per class. One of the half day units is an inclusive classroom offered in collaboration with Alcott School.