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20th May 2020

Fun Activities for Memorial Day – 5/20/2020

Hello again EMCCC Afterschool,

Can you believe it’s been 2 months since we last saw each other? I certainly can’t. Hope all of you have been able to do your school work and have been working on your projects as well.

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up. We may not be able to have the same first “summer” barbeques we love, but here is a link with some activity ideas:

20 Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family

Enjoy this weekend regardless ?!

Happy May, Masica community! – 5/5/2020

As the weather gets warmier and sunnier, I encourage some walks or backyard sitting. Take some photos of any interesting discoveries or a new path you maybe never took before. Use the time outside as a way to learn about nature or learn a skill like riding a bike.

Remember to keep social distancing in mind as you do these activities 😉

Here are a few pictures from my own adventures these past few weeks

Continue to grow, bloom, and stay strong like the trees and flowers around us, everyone ?

Happy Monday, EMCCC Afterschool Crew! – 4/20/2020

I hope you guys have been continuing to learn and keeping busy as well spent some quality family time together. I know I finally dusted off some board games and books at home to help pass the time.

I have put together three short story/essay topics for the kids to write about during this unusual period:

  1. Backyard Adventures
  2. School from my Computer/Phone
  3. Spending Time with My Sibling

If your child is still learning how to write words and sentences, they can draw a picture that tells the story instead. However, if they still want to show some attempts at writing on the art, I definitely would love to see their progress.

The idea is to collect all of the children’s creations and put together a book of sorts, something like “Remember When School Was Closed?”

Please e-mail your child’s work to Debbie or myself. My email address is

Debbie and I would love to see their creativity shine and knowing how much they enjoy writing and drawing, I really believe they’ll have fun with it, too.

Let’s keep going and look forward to what May has to offer us!

Hugs and warm regards,


Hello again, everyone! Just doing another Check In
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and/or Passover – 4/15/2020

We are a week away from Earth Day (April 22nd), so here are some sites with Earth Day activity ideas to not only educate on the importance of keeping out environment healthy but also allow for more great ways to pass the time as we continue to cope with our temporary break from the world:

While most teach the importance of reducing waste, using recycled objects for crafts, and involve planting/growing greens, you can also use Earth Day to teach skills. For example, recycling different groups of materials offers a perfect visual for addition, division, and multiplication. You can teach science explaining the parts of a plant or flower and how it grows. If any of your plants grow into a food item, use it towards a cooking recipe. Have your child read aloud or read to them any Earth Day themed books/e-books to help improve their vocabulary and build confidence in their English and reading comprehension skills.

Let’s continue to press on and stay well, both physically and mentally. EMCCC is a strong community and I know we are all doing our part to make the world safer again.


Hi, friends and families of EMCCC!

You are certainly missed right now. I know we’ve all been practicing keeping indoors. We have become familiar with the term “self isolation”; however, it doesn’t have to feel so dreary. Rather, think of opportunities to learn new things and create more memories with your family in the household. Also remember, you can always reach out to others using video chat and video conference hosting sites. Remember, you are not in this alone and thankfully we have ways of keeping in touch. Stay healthy, connected, and creative!



Good evening, parents!

This is Angelique from the Afterschool program reaching out to everyone. I and my loved ones are doing just fine. I hope you and your family are doing everything you can to stay well, content and productive during these turn of events. Who knew such a lifestyle change could make you cherish your previous daily routines? I find myself missing the talks I had with the kids and the ideas they gave to help inspire projects.

Hopefully, the return to semi-normalcy will arrive sooner than later. In the meantime, here are some websites you and your children could visit to occupy the time as well as learn some new resourceful skills not only for school but for daily living as well:

If you need any help regarding Common Core homework, you can visit for advice and tips. I find writing out the problems as well as using/drawing visual objects help out a great deal as well.

I always encourage you to teach skills non-related to school such as cooking, sewing, and (depending on how old your child is and how comfortable you are) even helping you with fixing/construction items around the house. During my time working with children, I have observed that their thirst for knowledge is endless and they want to be trusted with handling basic responsibilities.

Something else to consider is creative writing. We all have stress during times of uncertainty. Our children are no exception to this. They might see us struggling and worry they are adding to it or might even be unawarely modeling our behavior themselves. Encourage a daily journal, short story writing, or even a writing project such as a new type of writing for each day of the month (i.e. 30 days of gratitude). If your child is still learning how to write, picture books and artwork can be just as enriching.

Most importantly, communicate. Communication comes in many forms and isn’t necessarily solemn lecturing. Playing video games together, working together on any projects mentioned above, the reassurance you are present and acknowledging each other means a lot during recovery.

Hope all these suggestions are helpful for you. Your families are missed.

Stay positive!!!

Missing our Students

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