Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center Staff

emccc staff

The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center is divided into eight classrooms. Our Tarrytown building contains three Toddler classrooms, three Preschool classrooms, and two classrooms dedicated to after-school programs for children from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Staff members are assigned to each classroom in accordance with required staff member-to-child ratios, as established by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).

Each classroom is staffed with a teacher and enough assistant teachers to ensure that required ratios are maintained. An executive director, an assistant director, and an office manager administer the programs of the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center. The Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center has a proud history of maintaining loyal long-term staff members. We have a well-established and ongoing commitment to staff development and training. All staff members hired meet OCFS established experience and education requirements according to position level.


Staff members must attend thirty hours of training in required content areas during each two-year licensing period. Additionally, new staff members must attend fifteen hours of training in required content areas during their initial six months of employment.

Required content areas include principles of early childhood development, nutritional needs of children, child day care program development, statutes and regulations pertaining to child care, child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention, shaken-baby syndrome, statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment, safety and security procedures, and business record maintenance and management.


The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) licenses the Elizabeth Mascia Child Care Center to provide child care services. The main center is licensed to serve 30 toddlers, 49 preschoolers, and 37 school-aged children. Licenses are renewed every two years following a formal program review conducted by OCFS.

CurrentĀ compliance certificates from the Westchester County Board of Health and the local fire inspectors are maintained on site.

Meet our Child Care Staff



Christina Cortese Executive Director
Joan Ann Mazza Administrative Assistant
Emma Pisapia Family Liaison
Mary Ridenhour Kitchen Coordinator
Kim Tamura Nurse



Victoria Moya Assistant Teacher
Alyssa Duggan Assistant Teacher


Whitney O’Brien Lead Teacher
Cecilia Baez Assistant Teacher


Emma Pisapia Lead Teacher
Michelle Kemp Assistant Teacher
Byrma Ferreris Assistant Teacher


Stacey Torchio Lead Teacher
Melanie Varela Assistant Teacher


Angela Garcia Lead Teacher
Carmen Patterson Assistant Teacher


Gina Pyatt Lead Teacher
Ruth Rosales Assistant Teacher
Victoria Sati Assistant Teacher


Angelique Rivera Lead Teacher
Jahmad Thomas Assistant Teacher


Stephanie Ware Floater
Morelia Huaman Floater
Carol Yunga Floater


UPK Program (Off Site)

Venesse Eljamal Teacher
Dana Miller Teacher
Alicia Montero Teacher
Lynne Onyeneho Teacher
Regine Revilloza Teacher
Ginna Scollo Teacher
Shannon Curtin Assistant Teacher
Betsy Guitierrez Assistant Teacher
Diana Pesantez Assistant Teacher
Doraliz Rodriquez Assistant Teacher
Nicolette Sansotta Assistant Teacher
Rachel Sari Assistant Teacher